Our Services

Star Title offers a wide variety of services that facilitate the completion of accurate escrow and title work for both residential and commercial real estate transactions. We issue a variety of owners and loan title policies.

Our title policies provide the most current coverage and endorsements available in the industry, and our staff has the knowledge and expertise to confidently issue them.

We are agents for the three largest and most trusted underwriters in the country: Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, First American Title Insurance Company, and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.

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Title Insurance

Owning real estate is part of the American Dream. Don't let anything stand in the way of making sure that dream is a reality. A very important aspect of buying real estate is taking the appropriate steps to protect your property from adverse title claims that can become extremely complicated and expensive to resolve. Title insurance protects one of your most important and valuable assets and provides you peace of mind that your interest is protected from such claims.

At Star Title, we only issue title insurance after carefully examining a multitude of records to study the title of your property. However, even with the most thorough title search, the possibility of an adverse title claim still exists. By purchasing title insurance, you can be protected from certain title risks and the losses associated with defects in the title to your current or future property.

Title insurance protects you from claims where the cause of the claim has occurred in the past. It shields you from undiscovered interests concerning your property that become your problem later. Things that could cause a lawsuit to be filed against you, could delay future financing, or prevent you from selling your property.

A few examples of what title insurance protects you from, including but not limited to:

  • Undisclosed heirs,
  • Forged deeds, mortgages, wills, releases and other documents,
  • False impersonation of the true land owner,
  • Deeds by minors,
  • Deeds not properly recorded,
  • Documents executed by a revoked or expired Power of Attorney,
  • False affidavits of death or heirship,
  • Probate matters,
  • Survey matters,
  • Fraud,
  • Deeds and wills by persons of unsound mind,
  • Conveyances by undisclosed divorced spouses,
  • Rights of divorced parties,
  • Deeds by persons falsely representing their marital status,
  • Adverse possession,
  • Defective acknowledgements due to improper or expired notarization,
  • Forfeitures of real property due to criminal acts,
  • Mistakes and omissions resulting in improper title examinations, and
  • Errors in tax records.

Without title insurance, your interests in your real estate are not fully protected and you could be held personally accountable for prior liens, claims or judgments that are adverse to your property interests.


Star Title provides professional escrow/closing/settlement services for a wide variety of commercial and residential real estate transactions. We perform our duties as escrow agents with the utmost responsiveness and extreme attention to detail.

We provide the following escrow services:

  • Work directly with all parties to obtain proper funding,
  • Coordinate and document hazard insurance coverage,
  • Carefully review all pre-closing instructions,
  • Prepare escrow documents and finalize the closing disclosure or settlement statement(s) with the lender,
  • Order payoffs on existing mortgages and liens or judgments,
  • Gather and disseminate all closing cost information,
  • Execute loan document packages from lenders,
  • Host the closing and ensure all parties execute documents properly,
  • Receive and disburse all funds,
  • Obtain required title insurance, and
  • Complete all post-closing actions and instructions.

We offer settlement services for the following types of residential and commercial closings:

  • Cash Real Estate Transactions,
  • Financed Transactions, and
  • Refinances.

Also, we handle the escrow for:

  • Entity Transfers,
  • Construction and Permanent Loans,
  • Various Forms of Public Financing, and
  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange Transactions.

Our clients have come to rely upon the friendly and professional services offered by Star Title's knowledgeable and experienced staff. We work hard to ensure that all parties involved in the transaction comply with the terms and conditions of the transaction, and walk away from closing with their objective completed.


Lender’s Policy

A lender's policy, also known as a loan or mortgage policy, protects your lender against a loss due to unknown title defects. It’s important to remember that this policy only protects the lender's interest, not the owner. Most lenders require a loan title policy when they issue a loan to a borrower, and the premium is based on the dollar amount of the loan. The loan title policy expires and is rendered ineffective when the loan is paid in full.

Owner’s Policy

An owner’s title policy protects the buyer against a defect in the title of the buyer’s property at the time the policy is issued. It is a one-time fee at your closing but lasts as long as you or your heirs have an interest in the property. Without an owner's title policy, your interests in your real estate are not fully protected and you could be held personally accountable for prior liens, claims or judgments that are adverse to your property interests.