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Star Title: Our Proven Process
When a business operates smoothly and effectively, you can be certain it is supported by a carefully crafted procedure that guarantees the same excellent outcome every single time. This is something called a "Proven Process", and Star Title takes pride in its methodology of providing consistently good service to its clients. Select the link above to see our Proven Process in greater detail.
Get a Quote for Our Services
While you can generate quick quotes without an account, register for a FREE account to obtain access to all sorts of helpful tools such as buyer and seller net sheets, title quotes, monthly affordability calculators, and more! Other useful tools like detailed information for pre-huds, pre-CDs, etc are also available. Call us and we'll be happy to walk you through the closing process too. (Link to app in bottom right corner of page)
Directions & Parking
Building Address: 500 S. Front Street, Suite 250 (2nd floor), Columbus, OH 43215. Parking Meters are near the building on Front Street, Livingston Avenue and High Street. Building Parking Garage Address: 16 West Blenkner Street, Columbus, OH 43215. Park in any non-reserved or visitor space. Floors 3-6 have elevator access to the Ground level. From the Ground level enter the building lobby. From the Lobby, take the stairs or the elevator on the far right-hand side up to the 2nd floor. We are just down the hall in Suite 250. We hope to see you soon!
What is Title Insurance?!
The American Land Title Association (ALTA) created the Homebuyer Outreach Program (HOP) to help ALTA members easily communicate the benefits of owners title insurance with homebuyers, Realtors and others. Use our more than 60 convenient resources whenever you are communicating with homebuyers, Realtors, and your other real estate clients about the benefits of owners title insurance.
The Home Closing Process and the Benefits of an Owners Title Insurance Policy
Buying a house is an exciting time and the more you know about the process, the more relaxed you'll be going through it. ALTA partnered with the Designing Spaces television series on Lifetime to explain to homebuyers the closing process and the importance of purchasing an owner's title insurance policy. The segment does a great job explaining how the work by title insurance professionals provides consumers peace of mind when purchasing a home.
Home: Find. Buy. Protect.
When purchasing a home, can help be a useful resource to help consumers better understand the buying and closing process.
eClosings and Remote Online Notary Services
We are excited to offer a whole new experience for our clients! We will (very) soon offer eClosings and remote online notarization for any eligible loans. Call or email us to get more information and see if eClosing is right for you!
There are a lot of misconceptions about title insurance. Follow this link to access some frequently asked questions and answers from one of our trusted partners.
Franklin County Auditor E-Alerts
Fraudulent deed transfers do happen, but there are parameters you can put in place to protect your ownership rights to your property. The Franklin County Auditor now offers a system by which to notify property owners of any change to their property record in real time. Click the link above to register your property with the Franklin County Auditor and receive email notifications.

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